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Price reduction on Camball3
25 Nov 2016

We’ve just had our first year-end under the guidance of Nick Percy as Managing Director. Nick has been concentrating on getting the business organised and getting to grips with the costs of producing our popular products.  He has been engaging with our suppliers and fundamentally changing our own processes for the better.
The result of this is that we have been able to reduce our production costs for the CamBall3 and we will be passing on these savings to our customers with lower pricing. We can currently offer a reduction of just over £1,000 on the price of a Camball3.  Add this to the new Sony Exmor sensor and other new features and it will be difficult to beat our PTZF cameras in the market. The new price is available to all customers, new and old. As we all know the landscape is rapidly changing, but we promise to hold this new price until April 2017.
To find out more get in touch. Call us on 01590 622440 or email admin@br-remote.com

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