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  Camball3 Series (3S/3X/3XM)
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Our flagship CamBall3 has evolved to meet the increasing demand for computer controlled cameras.  It is now available in 3 new versions.  Any version can be upgraded to a more advanced model and all versions have the Sony© Exmor Sensor.

  • Camball3 S- Standard unit (Bradley D* control), digital slip rings
  • Camball3 X - + DMX control, PMS, 16bit positioning, profile move, status display
  • Camball3 XM - + Motion control via Free D & Bradley M*, 24bit positioning with Free D metadata output for VR and AR

The DMX controlled CamBall3 X has been developed in response to requests from leading show facilities suppliers to integrate the Camball3 into the master show computer.  It can still be controlled with any of our normal controllers, but can also be controlled via 8 DMX channels, giving 16bit precision in Pan, Tilt and Zoom plus Focus and Iris. 

The CamBall3 X can be used to move to DMX positions or, if the show computer can track follow spots, then it can track this camera. When used as an ‘Auto Tracking’ camera it can follow the designated artist extremely smoothly, including zoom & focus.  This has been made possible with our PMS (Predictive Move Smoothing) algorithm which both predicts and smooths the moves and also copes with missing data packets.

The CamBall3 is the camera of choice around the world for many stage shows and concert tours. It has been tried and trusted for over 14 years.  Our ‘future-proof’ design ethos has enabled these upgrades to be added to previous models.  This ethos continues today and is central to our future developments. 

Built to last: 

The main parts of the unit are machined from high grade aluminium with deep milled pocketing to give a rigid and strong chassis.  The motors and moving mechanics have been proven over many years from the original CamBall to give trouble free operation. 

Slipping clutches are fitted to both axes to protect the motors and gearboxes. Unlike many competitors, these clutches prevent damage whilst rigging and during operation.  It can be mounted either way up.  

Slip rings enable continuous 360º pans with 720 degrees under DMX control.  All the power, data and video signals pass through the slip rings delivering HDSDI on the fixed base. 

Amazing picture quality: 

The camera offers full HD images and is switchable to a number of standards.  Both 50Hz and 60Hz frame rates are supported as well as interlaced or progressive outputs.  All camera CCU functions can be remotely controlled via our Remote Camera Panel Mk3.  The low light infrared mode is also activated remotely.  The CCU control on a small camera is unmatched.

  • Rugged carbon fibre 
  • Weather proof to IP65 (-10 to >+40 degC out of direct sunlight)
  • 2.4 Megapixel Sony© Exmor Sensor
  • Full CCU control
  • All-in-one design (all electronics are built-in)
  • 20x or 30x optical zoom
  • Continuous 360° pan movement
  • Inverted or upright mounting
  • 64 preset positions P,T, Z, F
  • Switchable to infra-red sensitive
  • Internal wide angle converter options
  • Internal heater option
  • Genlock option

Other notes

Note that the HDSDi output is FULL HD, not upscaled from 8 bits.

HP Standards:

1080i/50/60, 720p/50/60, HDSDi (1080p/50/60 available soon)



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Product image

Power12-16v @ 1A
RemotePan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Focus, Auto White, Manual White, Preset White, Rgain, Bgain, Master Pedestal, Red Pedestal, Blue Pedestal, Shutter, Gain, Gamma, Dzoom On/Off, Auto Iris On/Off, Auto Focus On/Off, IR Mode On/Off, Chromanence, Matrix 1-2, Detail, Mirror, Flip, Output Standard etc. Preset Store (P,T,Z,F), Preset Recall, P,T reverse, speeds 1-10, Turbo Speed.
Dimensions12-16v @ 1A
  • Joystick controllers
  • Wide angle converters
  • Internal port heater - 7watt
  • Roll levelling
  • CamBall NetCam (toughened and faster for in-goal applications)
  • Remote camera panels
  • Radio data links
  • Fibre converters

XLR4 - Power & RS485 data


Speed<0.1deg/sec - >150deg/sec other speeds available upon request
Additional info

CamBall3 X (DMX):

  • Base Address + 8 channels. Pan (2Ch), Tilt (2Ch), Zoom(2Ch), Focus(1Ch), Iris(1Ch)
  • 16bit positioning
  • Profile move with Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Total Time
  • Set Home
  • Auto Flip

CamBall3 XM (Motion Control):

  • Free D and Bradley M* protocols
  • Free D metadata for VR and AR
  • 24bit positioning